The Shortsighted Lodge - Is Skrenim In You?

Communication with companies

To have a good communication within the company and with other companies it's important that you have a data communication that is of a high quality. To have a high quality of the data communication you need to contact a company that can provide you all of this. What company can help you whit this? There is a company that many likes and that many trust and that company is Adactus. This company have a long experience of this kind of work. So if you want to improve your data communication you have to get in touch with Adactus. ...


Hello dear readers! I have something I would like to talk about, and actually be serious for once. As you might now, I am suffering from allergic asthma since I was a small kid which is one of the most common diseases in the US but despite this you rarely talk about it. When I was younger some of the kids used to tease me for not being able to keep up with them during PE and call me names when I had an attack. It was really frustrating that the teachers did not say anything or tried to ...

Bara att planera

Nu har man hittat en ny artist som faktiskt är riktigt bra. Hon heter Alexandra stan. Eller hittat och hittat. Det är ju lite omöjligt att missa henne för hon har ju varit på massa bra radio kanaler så nu ska man väl bara försöka få lite bra start och energi i kroppen och sen kommer det bli massa jobbande idag vilket är vad man behöver. Man måste ju dra in lite cash för det är ju rätt så mycket nästa månad som man ska betala för så det är ju bara att göra så klart. Så här sitter man ...

Planning for the next golf trip

Me and a couple of colleagues just came back from another superb golf trip. Playing golf france is a unique experience compared to where we are used to play. Usually the weather is great. There might be some rainy spells during summer and autumn - but its always warm and beautiful. 
This time we stayed at a chateau that was close to a multitude of first class golf courses. I can really recommend that you check out the accomodation there - and the golf courses, especially saint malo golf and golf des ormes. Truly fine specimens of golf france !